Life style fashion, mood and bike

the iconic CRAB jackets in original Casentino  cloth, rainproof and thermal. The cutting edge street fashion.

presented  on the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo 95, in the workshop CRAB DESIGN. Italian design, handmade in Italy, with  the best italian materials. For orders and information write to the email

"CARAVAGGIO“ the new gravel bike watch our trailer. For your travel adventures in the world. Is a perfect balance between fashion and performance. Follow your inspiration . Live with the CRAB style

I love shopping in CRAB !            VALENTINA VIGNALI in Forte dei Marmi...

Valentina Vignali and Mr. Crab creator of the brand, around streets of Forte dei Marmi

CRAB philosophy



The adventure for the creation of Crab Design clothing and accessories began thanks to the need to combine a dynamic and fresh bicycle like ours with a series of equally lively and practical components. The accessories were in fact designed and modeled to fit Biker.

create your outdoor style, with a must-have garment and a fashion bicycle

Our bicycle is designed for a dynamic individual, tailor-made, colorful, original, almost impossible to steal because it is unique .... divided between fashion and design but with the possibility of doing a ride in maximum relaxation with a technological product! .. because the maximum is to be able to go to an appetizer not in the car, but with the bike ... Because the bicicletta back strongly to the fore. In Versilia, as in the great  city of the world.

We produce items with an unmistakable style and follow with the utmost care, researching the uniqueness of each piece, entirely and completely Made in Italy. Crab Design adopts the concept of uniqueness, the bicycle and golf and its total look, and on this it produces its entire line ....

The new  collection is inspired by the Versilia, the long days by the sea, the green, the tranquility of an aperitif in the Club House, or in the city, in the light, in the fun.
We have tried to realize the charm that has enveloped this land for almost a century. 

Our customers.

Dr. MAURIZIO ARRIVABENE. Team Principal Scuderia

FERRARI 2015-2018. For him, a custom-made camouflage bike with customized accessories.

December 22nd, the CRAB Design, wil be rewared as "Excellences of Versilia" (ITALY).  Thanks to our clients who allow we, to obtain such successes.