Who is Mr. Crab?

Maurizio Pezzini, creator of the brand, aka " Mr. Crab" for friends and followers, has been riding his bike since 1970. Born into the trade, he grew up in the workshop of his father Luigi - still today an active mechanic. He spent his adolescence divided between his  technical studies, spoked wheels and cogsets. Growing up, he developed his personal artistic trend thanks to his innate charismatic qualities  - and his scholastic current given the studies he undertook, and opened his own Design Studio. For many years, he practiced these two passions distinctly but equally internsely until 2009, the year he decided to pool his interests in one unique world that took on the name of CRAB DESIGN. Crab Design thus becomes the union of technique, passion, speed, architecture and colour, spanning from the bicycle to its accessories and capable of creating places, situations and lifestyles.